Creating Real World Environmental Niche and Environmental Awareness

Our objective through ZoomVin is to create Environmental Awareness, Create Real World Environmental Niche and Save the Environment and Wildlife. You can see our eBooks and enjoy the pictures of birds, butterflies, flowers and Nature. There are more to come. Meanwhile please do your part to protect the environment. We the authors are from same family who love the environment. We love our trips in the nature, watch birds, butterflies, animals and do environmental projects. We created environmental niche suitable for birds using plants, trees, bird bath and feeder. They come to these environments and it is real joy to watch. We captured those moments and published as eBooks through our ZoomVin website. Everyone can enjoy these eBooks and the photographs in it. The photos tell more about the environment.

Nature Photography

After creating the environment niche, we capture the nature, its visitors and digitalize them on media to create environmental awareness.

ZoomVin Websites

Zoomvin wants to provide non IT savvy businesses, farms to exist in the web and we build simple responsive websites free of cost for them.

Free Environmental eBooks

Zoomvin provides free environment eBooks with photographs:

Birds | Butterflies | Roses and Flowers | Nature

Zoomvin eBooks

When you create an environmental niche - in your backyard or in your farm without using any harmful artificial chemicals, wonderful flora and fauna will florish. It is a joy to watch them. It brings positiveness to one just by watching them. At ZoomVin, we captured the moment through photography and share them as our ebooks. It is easy to create such environmental niches and attract the nature.


Birds are beautiful creatures. It is wonderful to see and watch. Watching them through the camera lens bring lots of fun. At ZoomVin we share the joy through our free ebook - Birds


Butterflies are beautiful creatures. When we create environmental niche for them, these wonderful creatures surely will visit. They are real treat to watch. Watching them through the camera lens bring lots of fun. At ZoomVin we share the joy through our free ebook - Butterfies

Roses and Flowers

Flowers are beautiful. When different varieties such as Roses, Gardenia, Vincacora and many more varieties are grown, everyday some flower blossoms. When the flowers are captured through photography especially with dews on them, it is more beautiful.At ZoomVin we share the joy of the flowers through our free ebook - Flowers


Stepping out from indoors to watch nature gives much needed relaxations in busy life. Sunrise, Trees, Forests, Animals, Birds Lakes, Streams, Oceans and Mountains are wonderful to watch. At ZoomVin we share this through our free ebook - Nature

Modern Realistic Environmentalism

As we move towards a more scientific oriented planet, we tend to destroy the environment. We are at a point that there is no more zero pollution. We have contaminated even the remote areas of Earth by pollutants. This free eBook wants to create an awareness to protect our environment when we scientifically grow. Afterall, if the environment is good, everything else will be good. This book is about life journey of an Environmental Scientist - Modern Realistic Environmentalism.

Save Series - Aricles on Blog

As we work towards better environment we want to create more awareness to spread the necessity to save our environment

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Our other objective is to create static responsive websites for non IT Savvy businesses and farms from remote areas, so that these businesses and farms can reach more:

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